Some of your Questions:

Q. So what is WaiChinese and how will it help my Chinese?

WaiChinese is the world's best tool for learning Mandarin Chinese speaking skills. These skills, pronunciation and the tones, are so critical to being able to communicate in Chinese but until now have been hastily taught by conventional teaching methods. We want to change that.

Our tools let you to see your tones as you speak whole Chinese sentences and allow you to get expert feedback on your spoken Chinese. This combination of visual and expert teacher feedback will help you nail down and eliminate any problems and get you to fluency in record time.

Q. How does it work?

Once you've been assigned or have chosen content to work on, you'll listen to a native speaker and try to replicate their pronunciation and tones. The real time voice-recognition system will allow you to match up your tones with those of the native speaker.

Once you are happy with your recording you send it off to an expert teacher for their feedback - they'll grade each submission and provide comments. In our Plus and Premium packages your teacher will create custom lessons to help work on problem areas. .

Q. Do you teach other languages?

No. We specialize in teaching the Chinese language. This gives us a competitive advantage and helps to shorten our student’s learning curve because, rather than a “one size fits all” approach, we have a laser-focused, completely tailored approach to learning the Chinese language as quickly as possible.

Q. Do I need to find my own teacher?

Don't worry, we'll provide you with a teacher to guide your learning so no needto find your own.

Q. Who are your teachers?

Our teachers are all fluent Chinese speakers. Importantly though they also have very high levels of English - many even grew up bilingual. We think this is important as they are better equipped to be able to help you with pronunciation and tones than teachers who only speak Chinese. Having a little "outside perspective" can help a lot when teaching, especially in languages.

Q. How do I know what to focus on? What content should I be learning?

I'm glad you asked! This is one of the best parts of WaiChinese! We have specially made Speech Evaluation tests that our teachers will guide you through. These are used to get an idea of the level of your Chinese as well as to identify areas of strength and weakness.

The teacher will then use this information to guide your learning and to suggest or create material for you. If you are on the Plus or Premium program our teachers will create custom lessons to focus on your current difficulties so you can solve them together. Then when you take your next Evaluation you'll be able to see your progress as past difficulties melt away!

Q. How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time by going to the account section of the web interface or sending us an email at

lease make sure to do this before the new month begins because we are unable to offer partial refunds at the moment - so tell us before the new month begins to make sure you aren't charged!